Sivananda Vidya Peetham
The whole month was like a treasure box full of spiritual experience. Living, studying, working together with teachers and other fellow students for a month in the traditional indian gurukula style was a very special experience. Swamiji was always very close to us, 24 hours a day, he was very relaxed, open-minded to each student; just staying with him even without talking was beautiful, something special. It is impossible to describe his asana classes, people must experience his classes and they'll know what yoga is then. The lectures by Swami Tattvarupanandaji (with a lot of laughing!) moved me hugely, I never thought I would become Vedanta lover! And another unforgettable experience were the super vibrated chanting and prayers by Swami Nivedanandaji. I experienced INDIA a lot, a lot in the course which was super enjoyable! For people who are interested in any course in the ashram, if you are looking for authentic teachers. GO FOR IT!!! JUST EXPERIENCE!!! I'm 100% sure you'll enjoy it!Tamaki Chaitanya (Japan)
I was truly blessed to be a student on SYVP teacher training level 2 (YTTC2). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of a very precious time with 3 wonderful and amazing Swamis, who shared so much love and knowledge; planting many many seeds within me that I hope will continue to grow. I gained so much, felt so much peace and certainly came away with a much deeper understanding and practice. It is a time that will grow deeply within me and will be a treasure forever in my heart. Nicola (Nepal)
I have been to many courses and the ttc level 1 conducted by the three beautiful swamis which such dedication and sincerity is astounding. Every little detail in the course is very well thought of. I would really recommend this course if anyone wants to understand the true essence of Yoga applicable to todays day and age. Non-judgemental and understanding, it is full of knowledge, love and service. Thank you to all the teachers & volunteers, you were truly amazing and a real Family. Fiona Taylor Nongrum - India
Taking the YTTC in Amboli Maharashtra was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I had never been to India, but I knew that if I wanted to get an all encompassing perspective and education in Yoga then I needed to go to the root of it's existence. I could not ask for more gifted teachers than the 3 Swamis who lead the TTC. It was important for me to study with a small class where I could get one-on-one training with the Swamis, which is exactly what Sivananda Peetham offered. This TTC will provide you with a basis not only to teach any style of yoga (westernized or not) but with a perspective that will change your life forever. This experience has truly changed my entire perspective on my own existence.Ryann Hanes-Sloan - USA
I have studied under Swami Govindananda for the last 6 years, first taking TTC in the Sivananda Meenakshi Ashram in Madurai in 2005, followed by ATTC in Sivananda Kutir in Uttar Kashi in 2007, several times staffing during TTCs in December in Madurai and just recently Sadhana Intensive in Amboli. It is a great gift to learn from Swamiji. His approachability, kindness and generosity is inspiring to be around and this inspiration helps each one of his students transmit the important knowledge that we have become custodians of. I only hope to do justice to the teachings! We need this inspiration in order to return to our daily lives and maintain the discipline and faith that teaching requires. Swamiji does a great job helping us to carry out this task. Om om om. Jayalaksmi - Penny Fidler
The course is much more than just learning the various asanas. This is the right stepping stone for any one who wants to explore spirituality and then may be take it further with sustained interest. Since a healthy body is must for a healthy mind, huge emphasis is laid on regular asanas practice, food, lifestyle and atmosphere in the ashram. All the swamijis are true followers and believers in their gurus and try to dissipate the knowledge selflessly. Since the ashram has limited seats, one can expect personal attention to have discussions on various thoughts and beliefs and not just learning asanas. I wish Swamijis the very best and will surely come back to take the next step. Saket Kaura
I had never been to India before and I knew that the YTTC1 would be tough, so I did not know how I was going to react to this program. In fact, this was the best time of my life. The program is well balanced between working hard, studying, writing summaries, attending all the classes and relaxing by approaching your inner peace more and more. Thank you Swami Govindanandaji for the excellent yoga classes. After the final relaxation I felt like in heaven. Thank you Swami Tattvarupanandaji for making the vedanta philosophy easy to understand. Thank you Swami Nivedananandaji for your kind manner. I really enjoyed the Pujas and your chanting of the Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram. It really touched me deep inside. I felt all the people involved in helping to run this course were very well chosen and they contributed with their dedication and devotion each in their own way. I can highly recommend this course. Thank you all. Martina
I still think about my wonderful TTC experience, and the positive change it has helped me with in my life. I want to thank all of you -- Swami G, Swami T and Swami V for your incredible dedication to helping people improve their lives through yoga. Also I want to thank all the volunteers for making it possible for the Swamis to put on this course, as they cannot do it without the volunteer assistance you all provide. This course was the best 1 month learning experience I have ever had in my life. I cannot think of a better way for someone to learn to improve. You teach us by helping us to reach into ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually -- truly a holistic approach. The experience reached into all aspects of my being, from the food we eat, to how we look at and understand our thoughts and feelings, to how we accept our bodies and our relationship with ourselves. Thank you for your wonderful kindness and knowledge. Garry Umbrich - Yukon Canada
The Sivandanda Vidya Peetham TTC is an experience rather than a course. The days are full, but the intensity brings benefits. As your body loosens and strengthens, your mind opens up to the concepts and philosophies and you begin to understand what Hatha Yoga as a lifestyle is all about. As a long practitioner of yoga, I have been amazed at how the repetition of the asanas builds your strength and flexibility day by day. With an old back injury, I found the first week tough – but 6 weeks later, I can do things I never believed possible. Perhaps the best thing about SIvananda Vidya Peetham, compared to some of the other trainings, is the small scale. Lectures were discursive and interactive, we had personal attention in the asana classes and access to the Swamis to ask questions. There is always space to be alone and the atmosphere is never overwhelming or chaotic. I highly recommend the courses, the gurus, the setting and the Sivananda approach. When you do come, your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner! I’ll certainly be back... Claire / Shakti
took TTC with Swamiji in 2008. I fell completely in love -understand me right- with Swamiji!! So much warmth, heart, humor… Wisdom, beautiful presence, and true humbleness.. How can your heart not melt then I -and the rest of the group – enjoyed each and every class, each and every chanting and meditation with Swami Govindananda. Real honey for the soul! Just thinking about it now fills me up with gratitude. To receive teaching from Swamiji is such a blessing. Om namah shivaya. Nada (Denmark)
I met Swami Govindananda in India in 2009 when I took my ATTC. His teachings go beyond the schedule, he is a natural teacher, he can find the best analogies and perfect examples to make us understand the hardest subjects. Swamiji is the kind of Master you can learn by different ways. Sometimes his eyes tell you everything you need to know. I had the honour of being his Staff for a few months and that experience changed my life deeply, hard to explain in words. My admiration, respect and love for Swamiji will last forever in my heart. God bless you Sriguru Swami Govindanandaji!!! Rishi (Brazil)
I stayed at the Madurai Ashram in March 2008 for two weeks while doing the ‘yoga vacation’. I had never been to an Ashram before so I did not know what to expect or who I would meet there. It was one of the best two weeks of my life. I really enjoyed the whole experience, from meeting absolutely amazing, down-to-earth people to practising yoga twice a day (also extra lessons were offered if needed, like learning how to make my headstand better) to eating delicious vegetarian meals. I know I made friends for life. When I left the Ashram I was sad to go but happy to take with me a new positive outlook, something that you can only find at an ashram. Swamiji, with his amazing personality, made me feel like I wanted more … so i’m going for more! I am going to take the Teacher Training Course with Swamiji so that one day I will be able to pass the wonderful experience along and become a yoga teacher. Overall, I would recommend taking a yoga course with Swamiji to anyone looking for a genuine yoga experience that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Jane (New Zealand)
I went to take a Yoga Vacation in India in 2007 and from my very first lecture with Swami Govindananda I was hooked. I couldn’t keep myself away and with the intention of taking the Teacher’s Training Course just to deepen my own knowledge and practice, I signed up for February 2008′s TTC. The rest as they say is history… I was very blessed to be able to continue my studies with Swami Govindananda as a member of his voluntary staff on a few occasions and am now very happily teaching yoga and I feel so grateful and full of happiness whenever I think back to the experiences I shared with my international yoga family in India. It really was the best thing I have ever done in my life and everything my wonderful life is today, is because of the wonderful opportunity I had to learn about yoga from Swamiji. Emma (UK)
I participated in TTC February 2008, beautiful enlightening experience. Sometimes is better to say less than too much. Therefore: I had many questions in my head during the training. So I used to go for and advice to Swamiji. However before I was even able to ask the question, I already got an answer, I don’t know how, but he always started the conversation and suddendly everything was crystal clear. Thank you blessed swami Govindananda. Sending love and compassion to all yogis around the globe Namaste. Jana Jana (Czech Republic)
I was lucky enough to experience ATTC with Swamiji in Feb 2009. Such an inspiration! Swamiji ‘walks the walk’, he is the true embodiment of the teachings. He answered my questions with humility, clarity and wisdom and not forgetting his smile! Krishnaprem (UK)
I took the attc with swami govindananda in madurai, india in february 2009. It was a fantastic, enriching experience. Swami Govinda is a beautiful man, he is able to teach very complicated concepts in a simple and deep way. I felt vitalised by his lectures, full of knowledge and energies. he has also a great sense of humour. I miss the days of the ashram. We were a great group of people and it was a deep and meaningful experience. om namah sivaya. Francesca (Italy/UK)
Having spent time as both student and staff with Swami Govindananda, I feel truly blessed to have had these great experiences. I first met Swamiji during my Teachers Training Course in 2003 when he gave me my mantra initiation, I was then very fortunate a few years later to take my ATTC with him. Swamiji has amazing energy and presence. His teachings come from the heart and his knowledge goes far beyond the textbooks. I truly recommend him to all wherever you are on your own yoga/sadhana path. Swami Govindananda is truly wonderful. Alison (UK)