Sivananda Vidya Peetham

Ganeshpur, Uttar Kashi, Himalayas, India

Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham ( will conduct its Yoga activities at the ashram – Swami Sivananda Seva Samiti – Sivananda Ashram in Ganeshpur, Uttar Kashi, Uttarakhand state, Himalayas,India.

Swami Sivananda Seva Samiti – Sivananda Ashram ( )

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person - Swami Sivananda

The ashram is situated at Chidananda Kashi, Ganeshpur, 6 km from Uttarkashi towards Gangotri in the Himalayan range of Garhwal.
Established in 1980. “Swami Sivananda Seva Samiti”, a non profitable service organisation was founded with the blessings and consent of Pujya Guru Maharaj Sri Swami Chidanandaji, the former President of Divine Life Society. Rishikesh in line to pursue the mission and vision. Inspired by His Holiness Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj’s dream, on his pursuit of spiritual life inclined towards humanitarian service, Ashram has put forth substantial effort towards realising his dream.. The FounderSri Swami PremanandSaraswatiji– a direct disciple of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, continued his spiritual journey with the mission and vision to elevate Rural villages in terms of Health, Education and their Livelihood.

Sri Swami Premanandaji Maharaj
Sri Swami Atmanandaji Maharaj

The ashram guests will have the Blessings of interacting with and receiving knowledge from Sri Swami Premanandaji Maharaj and Sri Swami Atmanandaji Maharaj, direct disciples of Param Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. These Mahatma Swamijis are two of a few direct living disciples, who have met, lived with, initiated from and learned from Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

Uttar Kashi is a holy town on the banks of the Holy river Ganga deep in the Himalayas.Swami Sivananda Seva Samiti is actively engaged in providing a conducive environment for spiritual seekers. It provides free accommodation, food and conducts Yoga-Vedanta classes to all seekers, monks and Sadhaks who come in search upon their spiritual quest. Providing educational and financial support in terms of fees, school uniforms, school bags, books and stationery to all well-deserving and needy students of the local communities. The Samiti also lends free computer classes and coaching. Yoga for physical fitness, as a daily routine activity, for all residents as well as new and regular students to keep up their fitness goals. The Samiti also extends support to underprivileged people, sadhus and pilgrims who reach the doors of our Ashram by providing for their financial and daily basic needs.

The ashram provides basic facilities to the communities scattered across the region, who are prone to natural calamities and face a lack of medical support through the SivanandaDharmarthChikitsalaya institution which serves across entire belt of Uttarkashi to Gangotri.


Swami Sivanand Seva Samiti, Sivanand Ashram
Chidananda Kashi, Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi
Gangotri Road-Barahat Range
Uttarakhand-249193, India.
( )

A travel about 180 km from Rishikesh / Dehradun Jolly Grant airport (travel by taxi for 6 hours) takes one to this place.


The ashram has facility for single accommodation, double/Triple sharing and also dormitory with common bath.

Admission is on a first come first served basis.
To maintain the sanctity of the campus, we accommodate guests on the following conditions:
• No consumption of alcohol & non-vegetarian food.
• No smoking either on campus or outside while undertaking the course.
• Should follow the yogic way of life while in the ashram.


The main meals are provided daily twice at 9.30 am and 5.30 pm. The food is based on the North and South Indian traditions. Menus are vegetarian, simple, nutritious... and good tasting! Prepared with love and care according to yogic dietary principles, two buffet style, lacto-vegetarian meals are served daily. Absent from the menu are meat, fish, fowl, eggs, garlic, onions and coffee. A cup of tea is available at 7.00 am and 1.00 pm !!!

WiFi facility

WiFifacilitiy is available in this location.

Mobile phone usage

Mobile phone signalfrom Reliance Jio is available in the ashram compound. Guests may acquire a SIM card if they wish so, before arrival. Use of mobile phones in all classes, dining areas and also inside the rooms are prohibited due to the respect to other’s privacy.


Ashram reception can facilitate Incoming and outgoing post services. Please Provide our postal address to your correspondents.
The postal address is as shown above.


Library facility is available in for course participants.

Safe Keeping

Valuables may be stored in the safe provided in the wardrobe in the guest rooms. The ashram encourages guests to use that facility and do not have any facility in reception areas. However this facility is provided at the Guest's own risk.
Do not leave valuables openly in the rooms as petty theft may occur. We recommend you not to bring high value items to the ashram as we cannot guarantee the facilities to secure them.


Batteries - a separate disposal bin is located at reception.

Money Exchange

Swami Sivanand Seva Samiti, Sivanand Ashram, Ganeshpur, Uttar Kashi is situated in a slightly remote area. In the nearest bank – 6 km away – there is ATM facility where one can en-cash credit cards. It is highly recommended that the students en-cash ( if needed ) before reaching Uttar Kashi.

Visas, ID..etc:

All guests must provide a valid government ID proof on arrival. Foreign guests are required to present a valid passport and visa


All course participants should have taken the two anti-covid vaccinations before starting the journey to Uttar Kashi and should carry the proof of vaccination to the ashram. The courses will be conducted as per the social distancing and other rules as per the policy directions of the local government.

If you are a non-Indian national, you are advised to contact your local medical centre regarding any necessary vaccinations or medicines for your trip to India.

Other facilities

Laundry Service

Ashram reception can facilitate local person to help in washing and ironing clothes on payment basis

Ashram hospital

This gives free health care to the people around. For details of healthcare services offered please click link ( )

Visiting interesting places around

Sri Kasi Viswnath Mandir, Gangotri Dham, Naitala, Maneri Dam, Ganganani hot springs, Ayna Devi temple, Nachikat Tal…etc

Travel arrangements

Ashram reception can guide the guests for travelling to the neighbouring area.


Casual comfortable clothes, yoga mat, meditation shawl, toiletries, notebooks, pens, slip-on sandals, Warm clothing for very cool nights & cool mornings/evenings and clothes for warm days, flashlight, insect repellent, alarm clock, travel mug/tumbler, water bottle, sunscreen.
Temperatures may vary from 10 deg C to 25 deg C during the months of Sept - Oct –.Nov.


One can travel to Uttar Kashi either from Dehradun or Rishikesh/Haridwar which are situated on the foothills of the Himalayas. Dehradun is the closest city (also the state capital), where one can reach either by train or flight. Haridwar/Rishikesh are also major centres where one can reach by train or bus or taxi service.
One should reach at Haridwar / Rishikesh / Dehradun latest by 5 pm since very late night travel along the Himalayan mountain roads may not be permitted. It is highly recommended to reach at the above mentioned places latest by 2 pm.

How to organize, pick up by a taxi:

Those ashram guests who wish to be picked up by a taxi organized by the ashram itself, from the nearby airport or railway station or bus station should inform the ashram beforehand. This is highly recommended as the taxi driver organized by the ashram knows where exactly to bring you. Taxi charges are not included in the course donations and are to be given directly to the taxi driver.Taxi service can be arranged from Uttar Kashi to all the major places nearby. For arranging taxi pick up by us, please email us the following info to:
Name of the Travelers:
Mobile / WhatsApp number:
Arrival airport / railway station:
Airline name / train name:
Flight number / train number:
Arrival time:
Arrival day:

Approximate taxi charges ( may vary time to time) to Ganeshpur, Uttar Kashi:

From Haridwar railway station (travel duration- 7 hours): Rs 5000
From Rishikesh railway station(travel duration- 6 hours): Rs 4500
From Dehradun airport (travel duration- 6 hours): Rs 5000

By Plane

All major Indian domestic carriers serve Dehradun - Jolly Grant Airport (DED) from New Delhi (1 hour), Kolkata (45 minutes). Prepaid taxis (approximately Rs 5000) are available from Dehradun to Uttar Kashi, which is approximately 6 hours drive on the winding road alongside the gorgeous Bhagirathi - Ganga river. Those who alight at New Delhi International airport may travel to Dehradun either by flight (travel for 1 hour) / to Rishikesh or Dehradun by train (about 6 hours travel) or to Uttar Kashi all the way by arranged taxi service (travel duration approximately 12 hours).

By Train

The closest railway stations are in Rishikesh and Dehradun. These stations are connected to all different parts of India. The journey on the all air conditioned Rajdhani or Jan Satabdi Express is 5 hours from Delhi. Like at the Dehradun Airport, pre-paid taxis are available for the 6 hours drive up to Uttar kashi. If you want us to arrange for your pickup, the approximate cost of sending a taxi from Uttar Kashi to collect you is as mentioned above..

General Information

Please read course details as well as the course location information carefully before making a decision to register.
Total number of participants for any course is around 25.
Admission to any course is on first come first serve basis.
All the courses are taught in English, there is currently no translation facility available into any other language.
Students should plan latest to arrive on the arrival day and depart on the day of departure.
It is recommended that participants spend at least a few days in the course location before the start of a monthlong course. This allows the body and mind to have a little time to rest, re-energise and be nourished by the ashram environment. Participants can then begin their study feeling relaxed and refreshed.
Participants may also wish to stay for some days after the end of the course to allow the learning from the study to integrate more fully into their consciousness within the supportive environment of the ashram.

If one decides to arrive early and also to stay longer, please register for the course program for those additional days. The guest need to pay the daily donations for the extra days.

Please see Calendar of events for the programs offered around the time of your visit.

Dates and donations are subject to change without notice.
For all programs, guests are subject to the suggested donation in effect at the time of final payment.
To maintain the spiritual atmosphere, we ask all ashram guests to comply with the ashram rules.
Kindly refer to the Ashram rules and guidelines for more information. The ashram reserves the right of admission and students may be asked to leave if their behaviour goes against the ashram rules and teachings.

Email: if you need further information.

How to contact the ashram in Uttar Kashi directly:

Please visit for details
Ashram web site :
Moblie / whatsapp: +91 – 9411370533
E.mail : /